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In everyday life Rehabilitation Engineers, Environmental Specialists, Concierges, and various other professions try to interact with individuals with disabilities, geriatric patient, environments not suitable for human habitation, or simply giving basic instructions and/or directions to patrons. There is a misconception that all problems within a niche require the same solution, however, no two disabilities, patients, environments, and/or instructions are completely the same. Communication is not always relayed successfully, but it is crucial for day-to-day life. The user interface is the bridge that is shared by two or more disciplines, in the field of human–machine interaction (HMI); this is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs. This project will focus on a simple HMI robotic head that is capable of accepting six different emotional queues and expressing these six emotions mechanically. As human-machine interaction engineers, we have produced a user interface machine in which the operator will provide minimal input to achieve the desired output.